Sep 17, 2009

Register/Unregister Target in RMAN

Register a Target database in RMAN catalog:
Make necessary modifications for listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files to connect from RMAN server to target.
Create password file if not existing for the target database to connect as SYS from RMAN.
Bounce the listener on target side if the service is in blocked state.

$rman catalog rcat/xxx@rmanalias target sys/xxx@targetalias
RMAN>register database;
To check database is registered you need to login in to RMAN database as catalog owner (rcat).
$Sqlplus rcat/xxx
SQL>Select *from rc_database;

Unregister a Target database from RMAN catalog:
Login to RMAN database as catalog owner.
$Sqlplus rcat/xxx
SQL>execute dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(DB_KEY,DB_ID);
            Note: you can get the values for DB_KEY and DB_ID from the data 
                     dictionary of catalog
SQL>Select *from rc_database;

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