Nov 20, 2009

Move ASM files across diskgroups

Below are the steps to move ASM files from one ASM disk group to another:

Note:Make sure the database is in archive log mode before proceeding with the below exercise.

  1. Identify the data file to be moved.
  2. SQL>Select file_name from dba_data_files;
  3. Identify the diskgroup on to which the file has to be moved.
  4. ASM>SELECT name FROM v$asm_diskgroup;
  5. Take the file offline.
  6. SQL>ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '+DATA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.271.703296941' OFFLINE';
  7. Copy the file to new diskgroup using RMAN.
  8. $ rman target /
    RMAN> COPY DATAFILE '+DATA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.271.703296941' TO '+FRA';
    Starting backup at 20-NOV-09
    using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
    allocated channel: ORA_DISK_1
    channel ORA_DISK_1: sid=140 devtype=DISK
    channel ORA_DISK_1: starting datafile copy
    input datafile fno=00028 name=+DATA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.271.703296941
    output filename=+FRA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.316.703382539 tag=TAG20091120T000218 recid=2 stamp=703382539
    channel ORA_DISK_1: datafile copy complete, elapsed time: 00:00:01
    Finished backup at 20-NOV-09
    Starting Control File and SPFILE Autobackup at 20-NOV-09
    piece handle=+FRA/easydw/autobackup/2009_11_20/s_703382539.317.703382541 comment=NONE
    Finished Control File and SPFILE Autobackup at 20-NOV-09
  9. Rename the file to point to new location.
  10. SQL>ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE '+DATA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.271.703296941'
              TO '+FRA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.316.703382539';
  11. Switch data file copy
  12. RMAN> SWITCH DATAFILE '+FRA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.316.703382539' TO COPY;
  13. Recover the file.
  14. SQL> RECOVER DATAFILE '+FRA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.316.703382539';
  15. Bring the file online.
  16. SQL> ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '+FRA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.316.703382539' ONLINE;
  17. Verify the new file locations.
  18. SQL>SELECT file_name FROM dba_data_files;
  19. Delete the file from its original location.
  20. $ export ORACLE_SID=+ASM
    $ sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    ASM> ALTER DISKGROUP DATA DROP FILE '+DATA/easydw/datafile/tbl_abacus.271.703296941';

Nov 19, 2009

Unix command reference

Creates a temporary name for a Unix command.
alias   name command
To remove an alias:
unalias   name
Prints a file to a printer connected to your computer.
ansiprint   file
Displays your account resources, use, and threshold.
Places a suspended job in the background.
Displays a specified file.
cat   file
Changes current directory to a different directory.
cd   directory
To change back to your home directory:
Directory abbreviations:
~     Home directory
..     Parent directory
.       Current working directory
Changes permission status for a file or directory.
chmod   code file
chmod   code directory

To keep a file private:
chmod   600 file
To give everyone read permission:
chmod   664 file
Reduces the size of a file and adds .Z to the file's name.
compress   file
To restore a compressed file:
uncompress   file.Z
Makes a copy of a file.
cp   file1 file2
To copy a file into a different directory:
cp   file directory
To inquire before overwriting an existing file:
cp -i   file1 file2
Compares two files and displays the differences.
Restarts a suspended job in the foreground.
Displays user information at the specified computer.
finger   userid@computer
To change your finger entry information:
Starts the file transfer program with a remote computer.
ftp   address
Finds lines in a file matching a character pattern.
grep -icvn   pattern file
-i     Ignores case
-c     Lists count of lines that contain pattern
-v     Lists all lines except those with pattern
-n     Lists line number for each found pattern
Displays the first ten lines of a file.
head   file
To display the first n number of lines:
head -n   file
Displays an online help note.
help   note
To display a list of help notes:
help -l
Displays a list of your most recent commands.
To repeat the nth command from the list:
!   n
To repeat your most recent command:
Displays active jobs and their corresponding job numbers.
To start a job in the background:
job   &
To return a job to the foreground by the job number:
fg   %number
To send a running job to the background:
z bg
Terminates a process by its process identification number.
kill   pid
To use the strongest form of the kill command:
kill -9   pid
Ends your computer session.
Lists the files and subdirectories in your current directory.
ls -Fltra
-l     Lists long format
-t     Lists by modification time
-r     Lists in reverse order
-F     Lists file type with special character
-a     Lists all files including dot (.) files
Starts a text-only Web browser session at UW home page.
Starts a Web browser session at a specific Web address.
lynx   url
Displays Unix Manual entry for a command.
man   command
To search Manual Index for a keyword or topic:
man -k   keyword
Displays your talk and write message access status.
To set your message status to yes or no:
mesg y (or n)
Creates a new directory within your current directory.
mkdir   directory
Displays a file one screen at a time.
more   file
Use to scroll forward and q to quit.
Moves a file to a different directory.
mv   file directory
Moves a directory to a second directory.
mv   directory1 directory2
To rename file1 as file2:
mv   file1 file2
To rename directory1 as directory2:
mv   directory1 directory2
To inquire before overwriting an existing file:
mv -i   file1 file2
Starts program to change account password.
Starts the Pico text editor with a file.
pico   file
Starts the Pine® electronic mail program.
Sends a file to a Uniform Access printer.
prt -q   printer file
To display a list of the available printers:
prt -printers | more
Displays processes and their corresponding process identification numbers.
Displays absolute pathname of current directory.
Permanently deletes a file.
rm   file
To verify prior to removal:
rm -i   file
Deletes an empty directory.
rmdir   directory
To verify prior to removal:
rmdir -i   directory
Checks the spelling in a file.
spell   file
Displays the Online UW Staff Directory.
staffdir   "lastname, firstname"
To display all fields:
staffdir -full   "lastname, firstname"
Starts a telnet session with a remote computer.
telnet   address
Starts the vi text editor with a file.
vi   file
Displays a list of who is on system.
Counts lines, words, and characters in a file.
wc   file

Special commands and characters:
Routes input to command from file
Routes output from command to file
Appends output to existing file
Routes output between commands
Wildcards used in filenames
Matches any number of characters
Matches one character
Control codes
Suspends the screen display
Restarts suspended display
Signals end of file
Cancels a command
Suspends a process or job:
use fg to restart

Clears the command line

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