Sep 17, 2009

isqlplus in oracle

What is iSQL*Plus?

iSQL*Plus is a browser-based interface to an Oracle database. It is a component of the SQL*Plus
product. iSQL*Plus has a server-side listener process that must be started before you can connect
with a browser.

To start this server process
$isqlplusctl start

To stop this service
$isqlplusctl stop

After the server process is started, perform the following steps to connect to iSQL*Plus:
1. Connect to the Internet or your intranet, and start your Web browser.
2. Enter your the iSQL*Plus URL. The iSQL*Plus URL looks like the following:
The port number used by iSQL*Plus is usually 5560 unless the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
detects something already using that port. Check $ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini
to find the port used by iSQL*Plus.
3. Press Enter to go to the URL. The iSQL*Plus Login page is displayed in your 
    Web browser.
4. Enter your Oracle username and password in the Username and Password
    fields. If you do not know your Oracle username and password, ask your
    database administrator.
5. Leave the Connection Identifier field blank to connect to the default
    database.Enter the Oracle Net database alias to connect to a database 
    other than the default.
6. Click Login to connect to the database. The iSQL*Plus Workspace is displayed in your Web 

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