Dec 2, 2009

Hiding Passwords When Connecting to Databases

To connect to RMAN from the operating system command line and hide authentication information, you must first start RMAN and then perform either of the following actions:
  • Run the CONNECT commands at the RMAN prompt
  • Run a command file at the RMAN prompt that contains the connection information. You can create execute-only privileges on the command file.
For example, if you are running RMAN in an UNIX environment, then you can use the following procedure:
1.Start RMAN without connecting to any databases:
% rman
  1. Place the connection information in a text file. For example, place the following lines in a file called connect.rmn:
CONNECT CATALOG rman/cat@catdb
  1. Change the permissions on the connect script so that everyone can execute the script but only the desired users have read access. For example, enter:
% chmod 711 connect.rmn
  1. Run the script from the RMAN prompt to connect to the target and catalog databases. For example:
RMAN> @connect.rmn

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